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How do I ask you questions directly?
That's easy - email us. // HELLO@FRENCHMILLGOODS.COM

Humble Pie
Though we have no degrees in entomology, osteology or biology - we are passionate about learning everything we can on the subjects. We research and study as much as we can about insects, reptiles, amphibians, bones, skeletons and everything in between. That being said, we know we may get things wrong from time to time. If you happen to find an error in something we post we welcome the insight. Feel free to contact us so we can ensure this site is as accurate as possible.

No Touching!
Avoid touching the insects, exposure to extremes of temperature, humidity, or to direct sunlight. With proper care you will enjoy this marvel of the natural world for many years to come.

Is This Legal?
Yes! We are licensed by the US Fish & Wildlife Administration and we comply with all import and export procedures.

All orders are shipped through USPS First Class or Priority. If you have specific shipping requests, please contact us.

Returns are accepted on a case-by-case basis. If you feel you need to return a piece for some reason, please contact us. We do not accept returns on damaged pieces. Return shipping is the buyers' responsibility.

If, for some reason, a piece purchased from us needs repair or something replaced, we will do our best to work with you to bring your piece back to life. Some repairs we cannot accommodate. Feel free to contact us and we will get your display new again!

About Us
Frenchmill Goods is a design studio in Chamblee, Georgia that focuses on skeletal articulations and entomology displays.

In addition to offering beautiful, unique articulations from our own studio we are proud to provide a thoughtful selection of ethically sourced products. Our local community and environment continues to inspire us. We only hope to return the favor and inspire our customers with the things we love, educate on the things that matter and conserve where possible.

Thank you for being part of our community,

Alex & Kevin