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MISPRINT // Eastern Box Turtle Bandana - B

MISPRINT // Eastern Box Turtle Bandana - B

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We all mess up sometimes, and when we do it's discounts for you!

Our MISPRINT pieces are all of the items that fell just short of our quality control. So, if "being perfect" isn't your "thing" and you think things that are "a little messed up" is punk rock, then you get to scoop these up with a mega discount.

The product you see in the photo is the product you will receive and they're ready to ship immediately. Please allow up to 3 days for processing before shipping. A shipping notification with tracking will be sent to your email once your order has shipped!

Please note that all misprint products are nonrefundable.


Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina) bandanas! Thats right. This slow crawling, long-living beauty is found along the eastern United States from Maine to Florida, and west to the Great Lakes region and Texas. And now you can wear it on your neck!

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Description: Our bandanas are hand screen printed on 100% cotton fabric.